Natural Looking Makeup

Natural Looking Makeup

Price: $49.00
Seats Open
Course Registration Number (CRN):98997

Natural Looking Makeup                5:30-8:30 pm                                      $49

12/11               CRN    98997                                     Jacquelyn Vokey          Gardner

Learn the most updated beauty techniques for 2019! This course includes all of the latest techniques to create flawless beauty makeup, develop modern and period looks, create a natural beauty look, (or holiday look) and we'll teach you how to make adjustments for photos. We will discuss all of the most updated products. 

Recommended to bring your day to day cosmetic/makeup bag. Should include the following:

Foundation (Close to your skin color as possible)

Blush Brush

Angled Brush

Foundation Brush or sponge

Lipstick (your choice)

Eye shadow palette - neutral vanilla and browns

Contour/ Bronzer (Two shades darker than your skin)

Eye shadow Crease blending brush

Eye shadow - All over blush

Cheek Highlight - Pink color or gold

Blush - Whatever you like

Mascara - Any - Black is recommended

Black Eyeliner - Darkest black - Any

Eye Brown pencil, or paint pot (Closest to your brow color)

Lip liner is optional

Lip gloss is optional

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