Native American Style Flute Lessons (October)

Native American Style Flute Lessons (October)

Price: $140.00
Seats Open
Course Registration Number (CRN):99315

New Native American Style Flute Lessons               October 29, November 5, 12, 19         5:30-6:30                                   $140   
CRN    99315                                                              
Helen Yetman-Bellows of Helen's Willow Wind          Devens  

 Ever wish you could play an instrument? Now you can! The Native American Flute is a portable, intuitive instrument, no music theory or reading sheet music required. If you can cover the holes and breathe you can play anywhere. 

 In the first class you will be playing your own music direct from your heart. Playing the flute is a soothing, self-expressive, and meditative pursuit. It reduces stress while increasing dexterity and lung capacity.

In these small group lessons you will receive individualized attention and maximum exposure to various playing styles.

 Free your inner musician. Concert level instruments and lessons provided by Helen's Willow Winds, inspiration provided by you.

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