Come on Get Happy  (What your soul needs you to know)

Come on Get Happy (What your soul needs you to know)

Price: $39.00
Seats Open
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New! Come on Get Happy (What your soul needs you to know)

 $39                    Thursday April 2   6–8pm       Gardner                   Bonnie Page                    
Do you want a happy and fulfilling life? Come and learn some proven techniques to raise your positive energy
and bring happiness into your life.

Your “vibration” is comprised of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy levels, and when those levels
are low, you can feel it. When your vibrations are high, you and those around you sense it. Your days are brighter,
your outlook more optimistic, and your overall well-being is moved to a positive state.

This workshop will help your vibration, so the happiness starts to flow. Learn some fun and easy techniques to
take out the worry and start enjoying a new outlook on life. Come on get happy – do not go another day without
feeling the love and joy that is waiting for you!

“The Demonstrating Medium”, Bonnie Page is an internationally trained psychic medium, reiki master/teacher,
columnist for the Sentinel and Enterprise as well as the Lowell Sun, and author of “Ask The Psychic Medium…
God Asked, I Listened.”

Born with the gift of spirit communication that was passed down through four generations. She also teaches at the prestigious
Lily Dale Assembly, as well as colleges and schools throughout New England.

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