Beginners Guide to the Universe

Beginners Guide to the Universe

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Beginners Guide to the Universe                   $49 

Tuesdays, October 9 through November 6, 2018             6:30 to 8pm

Did you ever look on a clear night sky in amazement or wonder how the universe came to be? Did you ever ask yourself these questions - Is Star Trek pure science fiction or does it have some scientific facts? Is time travel possible? What are Black Holes? Is there alien life on other planets? What’s all the fuss about Albert Einstein and his Theory of Relativity? Join us to discuss these questions in plain language that requires no scientific background. Bring your imagination and curiosity as we journey together through the many wonders and mysteries that are part of our universe.

Instructor: Paul Posco

Devens Campus, One Jackson Place, 27 Jackson Road, Devens, MA  01434  

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