Auras and Chakras

Auras and Chakras

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New! Auras and Chakras
Thursday 3/5 6–8pm                    Gardner                   Bonnie Page
CRN 12766
Do you want to see what your aura looks like? An aura is the energetic body of the human spirit. It’s visible
to the naked, human eye, if you know how to look for it. To see an aura, it is a matter of training your eyes
to look for the subtle energy field of someone or something.
The Chakras are your main energy centers of the body, all spinning and vibrating at their own speed, each
with a certain color and sound. When you tap into the knowledge of the Chakras, you gain insight into your
own emotional, mental, physical health.

In this class, Bonnie will give you some easy exercises so you can gain insight to your own energy field and how
to make adjustments that will help you in your life. Come find out what your energy field looks and feels like.
“The Demonstrating Medium”, Bonnie Page is an internationally trained psychic medium, reiki
master/teacher, columnist for the Sentinel and Enterprise as well as the Lowell Sun, and author of
“Ask The Psychic Medium…God Asked, I Listened.”

Born with the gift of spirit communication, that was passed down through four generations, Bonnie uses a
warm, softer approach to deliver messages to her audiences, touching their hearts and souls. She also teaches at the prestigious Lily Dale Assembly, as well
as colleges and schools throughout New England.

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